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Cases vs. Crates

Date: 2019-10-08

Cases vs Crates: but what is the Difference?

Whilst there are many similarities between wooden cases and wooden crates, they’re are used for different reasons. It can be dependent on the product and/or purpose.

The short answer –

Packing cases are solid on all sides. It surrounds the contents with timber cladding and is fully secure. There are no gaps or spaces and you can’t visibly see what’s inside the case.  

Packing crates, however, have slatted sides, leaving the contents fully visible. Crates are a good choice when facilitating customs inspections and reducing the need for repackaging after inspected. 

cmtp_wooden crate

Wooden Cases

Wooden cases are the perfect option for products/items that can’t be exposed to moisture or elements. For example, machinery that is being exported by sea. It’s imperative that water doesn’t come into contact with the machinery, as it may result in rust. In addition, inside the case, there is specific products, such as VCI bags and desiccant to absorb any further moisture that may occur.

corrosion protection

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are a simple protective option, often used for non-fragile products. Crates can also be used for bulky export items and stacked together easily. Wooden crates offer external protection as an ‘extra layer’, as some items may already be packed in a container.

Crates are a less expensive options as the production of the case requires less timber in comparison to a case.

Why use wooden cases and crates?

A major positive point of the wood cases and crates is the stacking ability. Well packed crates are made to accept a lot of vertical pressure.

CMTP offer ISPM protection. This is the international standard for regulating the movement of timber packaging and dunnage through international trade and aims to prevent the global spread of timber pests. We also offer extra protective options to ensure your goods are kept well protected.

We can also custom make your case and/or crate and offer you the advice and expertise on which product would be the best choice for your product/goods.

Relocation Services by CMTP

Wooden Cases and Crates – Key Characteristics and Options


Sustainable quality plantation-grown pine

Easy identification

Stenciling of your company name or logo 

Export crates and export cases

Full compliance with ISPM-15 regulations and standards for worldwide shipment acceptance

Packaging consumables for crates and cases

Bubble wrap and foam for extra cushioning and protection
Desiccant – moisture absorbent 
VCI paper and/or foil and/or plastic which acts as a moisture barrier 

Delivery format

Delivered in flat-pack form for compact storage or fully assembled

Packing service option

We can pack your products for you!

Order turnaround time

Our wooden cases and crates are manufactured to order. Time from order to delivery: 1 – 7 days depending on the order and delivery location.