Cases vs. Crates

Cases vs Crates: but what is the Difference? Whilst there are many similarities between wooden cases and wooden crates, they’re are used for different reasons. It can be dependent on the product and/or purpose. The short answer – Packing cases

Wooden vs Plastic vs Cardboard Pallets

When deciding on which pallet to use for your good’s transportation, it can become overwhelming trying to decide which pallet will best suit your product’s circumstance. In this short article, we go through three types of pallets, their advantages and

Wooden Export Crates & Pallets: The Sustainable Choice

It’s not often that we tend to think about where most of our things come from. From what we wear to what we eat, almost everything we use on a daily basis has, in one way or another, been transported

Pallets: The Definitive Guide

When it comes to finding the right pallets to export goods it’s important to understand the variety of sizes, styles, and materials for all types of pallets available. In this blog, we cover the different types of pallets, advantages and

Efficient Packaging Management Delivers Real Savings

Packaging your products can take up excess warehouse space and tie up labour, which could be better utilised to generate revenue for your business. Plastic pallets, cardboard cartons, wooden crates, boxes and other types of packaging can take up a