Building our capabilities to better serve our customers

CMTP have grown and diversified over the years, but have never lost our commitment to customer service. Product PROTECTION, packaging INNOVATION and prompt ACTION are the cornerstones of CMTP customer satisfaction. Our echidna is our symbol of total protection of

Our Asparagus Box Robot – Providing Quality Seasonal Packaging Fast

Transporting and storing large quantities of fruit and/or vegetables demands special care and fast response times, and this is something the team at CMTP excel at. Our new Asparagus Box Robot can cater for more fragile products, like asparagus, with

2017 – New Year, New Challenges, New Goals

Whenever a new year rolls around, we all start to think about what really matters; what we could have done better the previous year, and how we can beat our own personal best. In CMTP’s 40th year of business, we

Who has the biggest box?

The Dandenong team have recently built the largest box CMTP has ever seen! At 12 metres long, 6 metres wide & 4.2 metres high – this big box was built to transport natural liquid gas testing equipment from Melbourne to

Plastic Pallets vs Timber Pallets

Pallets play a vital role in the transportation and logistics industry and are utilised in almost every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing to storage, and of course distribution and delivery. This unique style of packaging can be made