Gillman’s Choice for Pallets, Crates, Cases and Cartons

Whether your needs include export crates for large volumes or cardboard pallets for small quantities, or you’re just simply transporting fragile, live, fresh, bulky or normal goods, you need a capable, flexible and reliable packaging supplier to safely deliver your goods.

As an approved supplier to many of Gillman’s leading industries for more than 30 years, CMTP has earned a reputation for high quality products and cost-efficient service. Our long-standing trading partnerships have helped us establish ourselves as a trusted source for standard and custom plastic pallets, cardboard cartons, produce bins, wooden cases, livestock crates and export pallets Gillman wide and across Australia.

At CMTP we are committed to offering you only the best range of pallets, crates and cartons, which are easy for you to assemble, transport, load and unload.

No Job is Too Big or Small

Our highly experienced team has extensive knowledge of the export industry, which enables us to deliver custom designed products that accommodate your specific requirements.

When it comes to safe and efficient transportation of goods through challenging storage, handling and distribution situations, you can rely on our durable range of products. Our packing and packaging range can be effortlessly maintained and refitted.

Using semi-automated and automated production capabilities, we can manufacture huge volumes in various configurations with shorter lead times. This helps us to make sure your business runs efficiently.

On-Time Delivery Guaranteed

CMTP delivers to customers Gillman wide. Our ability to meet tight delivery schedules without compromising on quality has helped many diverse industries to improve their supply chain management and boost their profitability.

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