Don’t let technical and industry-jargon put you off purchasing vital products that will benefit your business, lift quality and efficiency to higher levels and open exciting new avenues for your company’s success.

We have compiled a list of easy to understand definitions so that you know exactly what you’re purchasing and can start seeing all the ways your business will soar.

  • Bulk Bag: A bulk container made of flexible fabric that cannot be handled manually when filled, is designed for shipping solid material in flake, grain or powder form, does not need further packaging and is made to be lifted from the top (using lift loops or straps)
  • Contract Packager: Packaging that is done on a contract basis (on the outside and with a third party who is already equipped with the required machinery and computerisation).
  • Corrosion Preventative Products: Our foam packaging assists with moisture protection and preventing corrosion, which is necessary for any serious company. Protect all your products with our innovative and forward-thinking smart design.
  • Fluteboard Containers: Hygienic, high quality containers used for exporting. Strong and lightweight at the same time, waterproof and chemical resistant.
  • Packaging Consumables: A variety of packing methods to pack your products tight and safe, they include: tape for wrapping, accessories, foam and other helpful must-have items.
  • Pallets: A portable platform or a framework of wood used for moving goods and storing cargo.
  • Plastic Pallets: Meet the plastic alternative to wooden pallets, this product is lightweight, hygienic clean and safe. Built to last, plastic pallets are strong and capably store and move products just like standard pallets.
  • Produce Bins: Built using quality materials and to really last, they are strong bins designed for a variety of produce types.

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