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Keeping fresh produce fresh

fresh-produce-packaging2Maintaining the freshness, good appearance, great taste and safety of fresh fruit, vegetables and other perishable foods can be a real challenge as changes in retailing have increased the time, distance and complexity of delivery from producer to consumer. All producers look for ways to extend the marketable life of fresh foods, as well as ways to increase packing efficiency.

Transporting and storing large quantities of fruit and/or vegetables demands special care and fast response times. CMTP has long been a leader in packaging for large quantities of fresh food.

Produce bins and boxes for optimal produce protectionfresh-produce-packaging1

For 30 years, horticulturists have relied on CMTP’s super-heavy duty boxes and produce bins such as onion bins and potato bins, to carry large loads of fresh food to market. CMTP caters for more fragile loads too, with small, protective boxes for asparagus and other high-value crops.



CMTP Flute Board is the hygienic, long-lasting plastic packaging solutionfresh-produce-packaging3 for seafood and other perishables.

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Our customers say…

“CMTP have supplied our produce bins and bulker bags for over 20 years, we need our products supplied with a quick turnaround and they have never let us down.” – Jim Parker from GJ Parker & CO