Invest in our Livestock Crates for Safe and Efficient Cattle Transportation

Safe and efficient cattle transportation

livestock-packaging1When Australian livestock producers seek to access national and international markets, they have critical requirements for livestock cratesand pens from both duty-of-care and business perspectives.

The quality of the livestock supplied to the market will influence the ultimate destination and value of the meat product. Freight conditions play a major role in maintaining animal health and welfare.

Typically briefs include the following criteria:

  • Ensure humane conditions for livestock
  • Minimise potential livestock loss or health risk
  • Ensure stability during transport
  • Prevent leakage of animal waste
  • Balance the needs for pens/crates to be both strong and lightweight
  • Optimise OH&S conditions
  • Maximise the effective use of aircraft space, ideally increasing capacity without compromising animal comfort
  • Comply with current International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines
  • Comply with export controls of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)

CMTP livestock crates – solutions to meet the toughest briefs

CMTP range of standard livestock crates meets these essential livestock-packaging2specifications for domestic transport and/or export.

If you have different requirements we can design your own innovative solution and deliver promptly anywhere in Australia in flat pack kits for convenience and cost savings.

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Our livestock customers say…livestock-packaging3

“The fact that CMTP has certified engineered pens gives us piece of mind knowing that our stock will arrive at the destination safely”.