Interested in Custom Pallets, Cases or Crates in Barossa?

Whether you need cardboard pallets for small shipments or export crates for transportation of bulky goods, CMTP have handled requests for all types of pallets, crates, cases and cartons imaginable.

In our 30 years of packing and packaging manufacturing, we’ve designed custom cardboard cartons, livestock crates, plastic pallets, wooden cases, export pallets and produce bins for many different industries in Barossa and across Australia. We proudly boast our long list of trading partnerships and would be delighted to add your name to it.

Comprehensive Service

Some shipments require a non-standard size and style. To accommodate your specific requirements, we customise our range and are capable of handling any challenging demands you throw at us.

We offer packing and packaging products hard to find anywhere on the Barossa market and we couple that with unmatched customer service.

Immediate Delivery Guaranteed

We have a proven track record of providing on-time delivery Barossa wide without compromising on quality. Trust the experts, we can help you effectively manage your supply chain and boost your bottom line.

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Call 1300 531 536 for a quote on our products or contact us online should you have any enquiries.