Plastic Pallets vs Timber Pallets

Date: 2016-10-11

Pallets play a vital role in the transportation and logistics industry and are utilised in almost every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing to storage, and of course distribution and delivery. This unique style of packaging can be made in a variety of styles with an equally varied collection of materials including wood, plastic or metal; each of which has their own advantages and disadvantages.


CMTP regularly supply timber and plastic pallets to businesses both large and small, from many different trades, industries and sectors. Comparing the two most frequently used types of pallets should stand you and your business in good stead for selecting the ideal type of pallet for your storage and transit requirements; keeping in mind expenses, sustainability, hygiene and portability.

Timber Pallets



  • Cheaper
  • Simple to repair, as they are made with numerous timber boards which can be replaced if required
  • Easy to resell
  • Timber pallets can be made from recycled materials
  • Can be recycled into paper
  • Fast and easy to build
  • Increased friction when compared to plastic pallets

Plastic Pallets



  • 100 % recyclable and can be used to create a new plastic pallet
  • Extended lifespan (+10 years)
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Safer to handle (no screws, nails, splinters, etc.)
  • Handles all climate conditions
  • Easy to stack and store
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 30% lighter than timber pallets


















  • Heavier than plastic pallets
  • Harder to clean
  • Hazardous to handle (screws, nails, splinters, etc.)
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Less durable


  • Harder to repair
  • More expensive than timber pallets









When selecting the pallet material that is more acceptable for your transportation and storage requirements, it is important that you consider the pros and cons of both timber and plastic pallets. Despite the fact plastic pallets are generally more costly than wood pallets; the additional expenses are often outweighed by the incredible advantages the plastic alternative offers. The unique requirements of your warehouse or transit service will ultimately determine the pallet type to best suit your needs including cost, environmental sustainability, durability and hygiene.


The good news is, CMTP offers a comprehensive range of both timber pallets and plastic pallets, which can be customised accordingly to suit your needs. Contact CMTP today on 1300 531 536 to arrange for a demonstration and assessment.