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Cardboard Cartons

Cardboard Cartons: An Integral Element of a Total Packaging Solution

CMTP is one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging, servicing industries including: Industrial, Transportation, Food & Produce, and Pharmaceutical. Cardboard boxes for moving are an important part of our range.

Beyond the simple convenience of buying all their packaging from a single supplier, our customers enjoy the benefits of fully integrated packaging solutions where all the elements from pallet to unit carton are guaranteed to provide the best possible result.

Working with our team of packaging specialists, CMTP offers specific solutions to your product protection, marketing and distribution requirements. You can also select from CMTP’s standard range of available cardboard cartons, depending on what you need.

Quality cartons and tailored services

Our services include printing, storage and delivery management, timber frames and/or other support systems. All our cardboard packaging products are made from a combination of recycled fibre and kraft papers in line with ISO 9000 quality standards.

Helping our customers manage their cash flow and utilising their floor space efficiently and safely is an important part of our tailored services. We take away the headache of having to purchase large quantities at a time while not having the space to store them. Our storage and distribution networks allow us to stock your cardboard cartons and conveniently deliver them when you need them, keeping your levels of efficiency and productivity consistently high.

For more information about our cardboard cartons, download our product brochure or contact us today on 1300 531 536.

What our customers say

“CMTP stock our range of cardboard products and we call upon them for delivery using the ‘Just in Time’ system. This enables us to be 100% confident of having our cartons delivered when we need them.”