Buy CMTP Fluteboard Containers for the Ultimate Protection

Protection and innovation with CMTP Flute Board Containers

A wide variety of industries and services use Corflute™ packaging, for its ease of handling, good appearance, durability and recyclability.

Its light weight, slender profile and durability makes CMTP Flute Board Ideal for exporters, while it is a hygienic, high quality container for seafood and other fresh produce.

For lightweight yet durable bins, boxes, trays and dividers, ask for CMTP Flute Board. Made from extruded polypropylene, CMTP Flute Board can be used over and over again and retain its good looks and strength, supporting your brand image as well as protecting your products.

CMTP will manufacture your corflute box to your specifications, supporting your innovation efforts with expertise and rapid turnarounds.


Valued features of CMTP Flute Board

  • Light, strong and long-lasting
  • Made to your design
  • Brand your flute board containers with your logo
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to store

What our customers say

The design team at CMTP solved all our storage problems with a flat pack design that could be easily assembled as we required the boxes.

To find out more about how CMTP Flute Board containers could work for you, contact CMTP today on
1300 531 536.