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Export Pallets

ISPM-15 Certified Export Pallets 

CMTP provide a range of quality export pallets for international freight requirements. Above all, we assure the highest level of quality control for safe and effective export shipping. CMTP can work on your next project to support your industry needs and specifications. 

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CMTP Export Pallets & the Reasons Why We’re the Leaders 

  • Our pallets are heat-treated and fumigated; this will ensure the timber is free of bug and insect infestations
  • They are compliant with ISPM-15 export regulations and standards 
  • Constructed in strict adherence to the International Standard For Fumigation. This certification is developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) 
  • In addition, individually stamped with the export certified symbol

To learn more about the benefits of wooden export pallets and their sustainability, read more on our blog

We supply pallets Australia wide. For a full list of our CMTP store locations, visit here

Expert Manufacturing

Our skilled manufacturers pride themselves on their wide industry knowledge, in the ability to make strong, durable products. CMTP use the appropriate materials and the latest techniques in quality pallet manufacturing. 

High Quality You Can Afford

In conclusion, CMTP make things easy for our valued customers. Our high-quality export pallets are competitively priced. Therefore, we give you value for money and the quality assurance your business deserves. In addition, our innovative leaders will guarantee you’re looked after for all your pallet needs. We look forward to working with you! 

Contact us today on 1300 531 536 to book your pallets or to speak to a friendly CMTP team member. We’re happy to give specific recommendations or advice on any project.