Standard And Custom Pallets

Strong, reliable options for all specifications

Cost effective product protection through the supply chain starts with the right pallet. Our customers demand reliability, durability, the right strength from light weight to heavy duty. Manufacturers also need pallets suitable for large loads.
Many require wooden pallets meeting all the challenges of export, and full ISPM certification.
Instant pallet identification through painting to your custom colours or stencils with your company name is also available.


CMTP standard and custom-built pallets, their total product protection solution perspective and prompt delivery can be trusted to support your logistics.

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CMTP options

Select from CMTP’s range of standard timber pallets or ask CMTP’s engineering team to design a model to suit your operations.
Alternatively, supply your pallet specifications or have CMTP design a pallet for manufacture from almost any timber material, including softwood, hardwood, plywood and medium density fibreboard (MDF). Pallets made to order are usually ready in two to five days.


Standard pallets are held in stock for Just-in-time delivery.

What our customers say

“CMTP enabled us to reduce our stock holding of pallets by offering a daily delivery service. This helped us to free up valuable floor space in our warehouse.”