Save on Costs When You Utilise Our Packaging Management and Storage

Cost saving packaging management and storage

storage-distribution1Packaging inventory can take up excessive factory floor space which could be better utilised to generate revenue. It can also hurt your cash flow if you pay for large quantities before you need them. Plastic pallets,cardboard cartons, wooden crates, boxes and other types of packaging can take up a lot of space, even if they are delivered in flat pack kits. Many manufacturers prefer to access their packaging as they need it, as long as they are confident that it will be stored safely and delivered on time.

Slash your packaging inventory with CMTP’s Just-In-Time delivery system and contract packaging services, or take advantage of on-site storage at one of our 8 locations around Australia. Storage can be arranged on a casual basis and is matched with full logistics operations.

storage-distribution2Wherever you are located in Australia, we can support your business bottom line with our 100 per cent Delivered In-Full, On-Time supply chain performance and our “Just-in-time” delivery system (KANBAN).

Our commitment to product protection, packaging innovation and timely action does not stop with just designing and manufacturing packaging. Solving your packaging storage problems is an integral part of working with you to equip you with the overall solution that best fits your business needs.

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Improving supply chain management

storage-distribution-img2Like most Australian companies, you would like to reduce the value of your stocks, slash the number of days you have to hold that stock, improve space utilisation (and therefore profit contribution), and reduce your lead times.

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