Taking stock

Date: 2018-04-04

In order to ensure its offering is keeping up with evolving customer expectations and needs, Australian packaging company CMTP went right to the source.

Since its establishment in 1976 in Colac, Victoria, packaging company CMTP has grown, diversified and built a reputation around the three cornerstones of its brand promise – product protection, packaging innovation and prompt action. The business prides itself on the local expertise it possesses, and its capacity to provide flexible and reliable solutions for Australia’s logistics, manufacturing, dairy, farming and export companies.

In order to better understand the day-to-day and big-picture pressures they are under, CMTP General Manager Travis Meade recently undertook a market research study of its customers. “The idea was, if we fully understand the challenges they face, we can ensure there is a clear alignment between the solutions we offer and the value gained by the industry,” explains Travis.

A personal touch

The results of the survey confirmed that the company was on the right track. “Being local, responsive, quality-assured and innovative was a need that was made very clear by our customers and the markets we serve,” he shares. “This reinforced our values and what we stand for at CMTP – providing total protection and moveability with all our packaging products and solutions.

“Being local makes a real difference. We listen to our customers and are responsive to their requirements, specifications and business challenges. This means we act quickly to provide tailored packaging solutions.” The research revealed that those operating in Australia’s manufacturing, logistics, dairy, farming and export industries are under constant pressure to reduce costs, build accuracy into their operational systems and deliver with speed to stay ahead of the pack. This provided CMTP with an opportunity to ask further questions, learn more and then improve their value proposition. “To improve, we have invested and continue to invest in new machinery involving robotics to provide a high-speed, safe and efficient type of manufacturing,” says Travis. “This in turn delivers cost efficiencies, accuracy and speed to market back to our customers. We are always looking for better ways to accurately design and manufacture packaging products to ensure our customers remain competitive in their chosen markets.

“We pride ourselves on supporting our customers’ business results with our ‘100 per cent Delivered In Full, On Time (DIFOT)’ supply chain performance and our ‘Just In Time (JIT)’ delivery system.” Travis notes that the survey has reinforced the company’s culture of learning, testing and improving with its customers. “We’re in this together and that’s the Australian way of doing business – to serve our customers in a unique way, where constant interaction is the key to learning and improving our products and theirs,” he adds.

New prospects

Like a lot of Australian manufacturers, CMTP has identified the need to develop new products and solutions based on where their customers and markets are headed. “Companies need to evolve and grow with their customers and markets,”

Travis says. “At CMTP, we’re focusing on working with our customers to grow into specific markets, and at the same time support each other with any challenges that may arise. Our customers constantly look to reduce operational risk and build confidence into their supply chain – this is what CMTP thrives on. We are determined to be innovative and a trusted partner for all our customers.”

Travis notes that the company is a passionate advocate for supporting other Australian businesses. “We need our own industry participants to realise the true potential of working with Australian manufacturers and suppliers, and review their own purchasing behaviour,” he says. “We want to work with those who shape the Australian manufacturing and logistics industry, and that have the potential to create and deliver value to the chain to improve the industry as a whole. “Of course, the impetus for companies to choose Australian can’t just be that it is ‘a good thing to do’. Manufacturing and logistics companies must create and deliver tangible value back to their customers.” This is when the benefit of buying local is truly delivered, he explains. “The customer must see this value in order for us to become their first choice. The key is to listen to better understand and improve our offerings.”

In over four decades of serving Australia, CMTP has achieved a great deal, Travis shares. “We’ve learnt a lot while proudly serving Australian industries for 42 years, and I’m excited to see what the next four decades will bring, for us and for our customers,” he says.