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Wooden vs Plastic vs Cardboard Pallets

Date: 2019-06-04

When deciding on which pallet to use for your good’s transportation, it can become overwhelming trying to decide which pallet will best suit your product’s circumstance. In this short article, we go through three types of pallets, their advantages and disadvantages, to allow you to be able to make the right decision on which one will best suit the transportation of your product.

Wooden pallets, plastic pallets and cardboard pallets all provide benefits in their own way, although, it’s important to be mindful of your specific product and the disadvantages that a certain type of pallet may have on your good.  

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1. Wooden Pallets


  • Cheap
  • Strong
  • Versatile
  • Often reliable
  • Easily accessible
  • In case of damage, can be easily repaired
  • Recyclable
  • Widely available


  • Ability to be susceptible to bacteria
  • Able to develop fungus if the pallet is kept damp for long periods of time
  • Heavier than plastic or cardboard pallets
  • More difficult to clean and keep sanitary
  • Can be more hazardous to handle (i.e screws & nails)
  • Requires more maintenance than the other types of pallets

2. Plastic Pallets


  • Recyclable
  • Strong
  • Longer life-span
  • Chemical resistant
  • Unaffected by different weather conditions
  • Easily stored and stacked
  • Easy maintenance


  • Difficult to repair
  • More expensive
  • When burned, plastic pallets release toxic gases

3. Cardboard Pallets


  • Strong
  • Lightweight, easy for packing and unloading
  • Easily destroyed and recyclable
  • Affordable
  • Higher capability for implementing design (e.g. for branding)
  • Widely available


  • May arrive deformed if exposed to large amounts of pressure
  • Not weather safe
  • Not ideal for packing heavy weight products
  • Not very durable, and is best for one-time use only

For more information, get in touch with the CMTP team today to discuss which pallet would best suit your product or good.