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Pallets Melbourne

CMTP is your one-stop destination for pallets in Melbourne. As a leading packaging specialist and provider of pallet recycling services, we are committed to providing Victorian-based businesses and customers with their industrial packaging and logistic needs. Whether you’re looking to buy, export or recycle pallets, we have you covered with a wide range of pallet solutions to suit your needs and job, no matter how big or small, in Melbourne.

Why choose CMTP as your Melbourne pallet supplier

With over 47 years of experience helping Australian companies, you can trust us with your industrial moving and packaging needs. CMTP offers an extensive selection of pallets, catering to various industries and applications. Whether you need plastic pallets, timber pallets, or custom pallets in Melbourne, our inventory is equipped with the highest quality material packaging and technology.

Need pallets in Melbourne but are running on a tight deadline? No worries! Each of our sites is fully-equipped with semi-automated and automated production capabilities – meaning we will always meet national deadlines without compromising on quality.

Our locations in Victoria

CMTP has 4 sites across Victoria for easy access and convenience. You can find our branches in Colac, Dandenong, Derrimut, and Mildura. Whether you’re in the heart of Melbourne or in regional Victoria, CMTP is just around the corner, ready to provide all your pallet solutions.

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The different types of pallets available in Melbourne

CMTP provide pallets for all uses. If you’re wondering where to buy pallets in Melbourne, visit us. We specialise in high-quality timber pallets, plastic pallets, recycled pallets, export pallets, crane pallets, cardboard pallets and custom pallets in varying dimensions.

Timber pallets Melbourne

Timber pallets are one of the most widely used packaging options available. These pallets are constructed using wood, making them very hardy and suitable for various loads. Our timber pallets come in different sizes and are ideal for industrial logistics. Our Australian-sourced timber pallets are also relatively cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and can be easily repaired or recycled.

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Plastic pallets Melbourne

Plastic pallets are lightweight, durable and hygienic – making them suitable for packaging consumables and pharmaceuticals. Plastic pallets can also stackable, reducing storage space requirements and increasing the amount you can haul. Our plastic pallets can be hot washed, steam cleaned and chemically sterilised. Their long lifespan and reusability can make them a cost-effective pallet option in the long run.

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Export pallets Melbourne

Need custom pallets that meet ISPM-15 Certifications? Our ISPM-15 Certified export pallets assure the highest level of quality control for safe and effective export shipping. Only certified treatment providers and/or wood packaging manufacturers can apply the internationally recognised certification mark, and CMTP is one of them. We can help design and engineer customised export pallets to suit your international freight requirements.

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Crane pallets Melbourne

If your job requires moving heavy loads, consider crane pallets. CMTP has a range of engineered certified crane pallets in Melbourne that are specifically designed to withstand hoisting and moving industrial sized equipment. Our engineered certified crane pallets are built with MGP12 Timber and 150mm galvanised bolts to ensure safety and efficiency during lifting operations.

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Cardboard pallets Melbourne

Strong, lightweight and recyclable, our cardboard pallets are ideal for domestic or export use where weight and handling are an issue. They can also be made using engineered and corrugated cardboard for hygienic packaging and don’t need to be heat treated or fumigated like wood for export.

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A tailored solution

Sometimes, businesses may require pallets tailored to their unique needs. All our pallet types can be customised to accommodate non-standard load sizes or specific industry requirements. Simply fill out this form to get a free quote.

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We are also the only Australian wooden pallet manufacturer that can supply HACCP certified pallets for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Export pallets are compliant with full ISPM-15 export regulations and standards for your peace of mind.

Our team are knowledgeable and always on hand to help you find the right type of pallet you need and can recommend an optimised solution for your business to buy pallets in Melbourne.

Heat treatment vs kiln-dried pallets Melbourne

When considering pallets for your Melbourne-based operations, it’s crucial to understand the difference between kiln-dried and heat-treated export pallet options.

Heat treated wooden pallets, as per ISPM-15 standards, sterilises wood packaging materials, ensuring they are free from insects and pathogens for international export shipping.

On the other hand, kiln-drying is a method focused on reducing moisture levels in wood over an extended period, reducing the overall pallet moisture content.

Kiln-drying pallets are more suitable for industries such as food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other applications where moisture may be a limiting factor, or mould can be a concern.

Understanding these distinctions is vital when selecting the right pallets for your Melbourne operations. Whether you need custom pallets, timber pallets, kiln dried, export or any other pallet type, CMTP can help you select the right pallet for your application.

Choose CMTP Melbourne today

If your business is in need of pallets, crates or cases in Melbourne, contact CMTP today to speak with our expert team about what options are best for you. Simply call us on 1300 531 536, or submit a form here.

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