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Wooden Cases and Crates

Product description

We offer a wide range of custom wooden cases, crates, and boxes, to protect a move your product safely for either domestic or international transport.

We can also provide design advice on what type of case and crate you require, consideration access points, bearers, weight and the size of what you want to package.

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Custom made designs

There is no standard design, as everything we offer can be custom made. We offer packaging design and engineering services and will be able to recommend a cost-effective and optimised solution.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Obligation free business assessmentFill out a form to give us more information on your packaging needs.
  2. Cases and crates designOur design process takes into account all aspects and steps of packing, storing, shipping, retailing and using your product. We will design the smartest solution to meet your needs as manufacturer, producer or distributor.
  3. DeliveryWith 11 manufacturing sites across the country, we can quickly deliver your products Australia-wide.

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Certifications and compliance

  • ISPM-15 is the international standard for regulating the movement of timber packaging and dunnage through international trade, and aims to prevent the global spread of timber pests.


Yes, we specialise in custom made cases and crates for all different shapes and sizes.

No, all our products are custom made.

Yes, we are export certified.

Yes, to minimum shipping costs. Minimised transport cost and warehouse space.

Yes, we work with certified structural engineers to build specialist cases and crates.

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