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Wooden Pallets

At CMTP, we specialise in delivering sturdy, reliable wooden pallets designed to optimise your operations.

Wooden pallets are the cornerstone of efficient storage and transportation, and CMTP is your premier destination for top-quality wooden pallet solutions tailored to meet your logistical needs.

Our extensive range of pallet offerings includes standard size wooden pallets as well as custom oversize pallets crafted to accommodate long, awkward, or oversize products.

Crafted with precision and care, our pallets are lightweight yet robust, ensuring cost-effective shipping solutions without compromising on durability or environmental sustainability.


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Wooden Pallets

Pallet product description

Pallets play a pivotal role in the logistics, storage and warehousing sectors, serving as the bedrock for efficient storage solutions. These sturdy platforms allow for optimised stacking of materials, and also serve as a reliable base for moving substantial loads with the assistance of forklifts.

We specialise in the manufacture of standard size wooden pallets, as well as custom oversize pallets for long, awkward or oversize product shipping.

Our pallets are well-designed and lightweight to help save you money on shipping costs. They are also durable and environmentally sustainable, meaning you can both replace your wooden pallets less often and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our offerings encompass customised wooden boxes and crates, precision-cut lumber, heat-treated pallets, and robust shipping crates.

At CMTP, our primary mission is to streamline the transportation of your goods, ensuring it is as smooth and cost-effective as possible. We take pride in delivering top-notch, cost-efficient wooden pallets in various sizes to cater to your specific needs.

  • We source our timber from sustainable plantations within Australia.

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Standard dimensions and weight of wooden pallets

Heavy Duty Wooden Pallet

This wooden pallet is suitable for single or multiple use and has the strength to last. Heavy duty pallets are designed to have a heavy payload on the pallet. In addition, they’re also a good option for pallet racking.

  • Measurements: 1165mm x 1165mm
  • Recommended Safe Working Load: Max 2000kg
  • 25 mm thick boards for added strength
  • Stocked item available for immediate dispatch
  • Also available ISPM-15 certified for export


Medium Duty Pallet

This wooden pallet is suitable for single or multiple uses and is great value for money. Medium duty pallets are a cost effective alternative to the heavy duty pallets. They’re suitable for most applications or when the pallets are only required for single usage. They are also a safe option when required to be used in pallet racking.

  • Measurements: 1165mm x 1165mm
  • Recommended Safe Working Load: Max 1500kg
  • 19 mm thick boards for added strength
  • Stocked item available for immediate dispatch
  • Also available ISPM-15 certified for export


Lightweight Pallet

Cut freight costs with CMTP’s lightweight domestic wooden pallets, suitable for loads of up to 500kg. These are up to 60% lighter than heavy duty wooden pallets. Lightweight CMTP pallets are available in standard dimensions, or made to your specification.

  • Measurements: 1165mm x 1165mm
  • Recommended Safe Working Load: Max 500kg
  • Stocked item available for immediate dispatch
  • Also available ISPM-15 certified for export


Pallet add ons

Pallet Collars

Wooden pallet collars are a convenient and economical type of reusable packaging for various types of applications. A solution for businesses involved in:

  • Hardware products
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Warehouse storage and logistics
  • Commercials building and construction
  • Nurseries and retail
  • Highly durable pallet collars aim to increase storage space, improve warehouse safety and protect goods during transport.

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Timber Pallets Plastic Pallets
Price Cost effective More expensive
Repairs Easy to maintain and repair Difficult to repair
Resistance To Chemicals Not chemical resistant Chemical resistant
Ease Of Cleaning More difficult to clean and keep sanitary Easy maintenance
Handling Safety Can splinter & break easily Smooth surface can be difficult, causing goods to shift and slide easily
Weight Heavier than plastic or cardboard pallets Weighs less than timber pallets, which reduces shipping costs
Durability Absorbs moisture easily, always have to be stored in a cool, dry place Weather resistant & easy to maintain cleanliness
Lifespan Less durable than plastic Long lasting & durable, which proves to be very cost-effective for long-term
Sustainability Environmentally friendly & recyclable due to natural materials Recyclable (however not as environmentally friendly as timber)
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Wooden pallet FAQs

If you are a customer, we can pick up your used pallets and repair them for you. This is a great way to minimise your business’s carbon footprint. We also provide customers with a pallet maintenance program.

Yes, we use an independent NATA certified testing facility to test the load-bearing capacity of our wooden pallets. This can assist with your OH&S and quality requirements.

Yes we supply our wooden pallets Australia-wide thanks to 11 location sites around the country. To discuss your location and if CMTP can provide you with the pallets you need, contact us here.

Yes, we can. Contact us to discuss your customisation pallet needs today.

Yes, here at CMTP we can recycle wooden pallets to improve their sustainability.

Yes, we source our timber from sustainably managed pine plantations.

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