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ISPM-15 Certified
Export Pallets

Our pallets are ISPM-15 certified under the Australian Wood Packaging Scheme for Exports (AWPCS). This means we can produce ISPM-15 compliant wood packaging and export pallets for your international freight requirements. We assure the highest level of quality control, as well as safe and effective export shipping options.

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Wine + Food XP Pallets

Our XP pallets were developed specifically for the wine and food industry, and are designed in size and strength for all export configurations. All pallets undergo kiln drying procedures for greater moisture control. They are HACCP certified for food safety.

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Wooden Pallets

We offer a wide range of standard wooden pallets, as well as custom-made solutions to make transportation easier within Australia and overseas. Our custom designed pallets can match any requirements, with consideration of access points, bearers, weight and the size of the package.

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Plastic Pallets

Our plastic pallets are a great alternative to wooden pallets, offering a lightweight, durable and hygienic solution that maintains cleanliness standards (GMP & HACCP). Simplify your logistic process and reduce the overall weight of your shipment by choosing our plastic alternative.

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Crane Pallets

Our customisable heavy-duty pallets are designed to be lifted by cranes. Developed and designed by certified engineers to ensure maximum strength. Our crane pallets have been load tested for static and dynamic loads.

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Cardboard Pallets

Our cardboard pallets are strong, lightweight and recyclable, offering a great alternative to timber and plastic pallets. They are an ideal solution for export situations, and can save in freight cost when weight and handling are a consideration.

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Pallet Wrap & Packaging

Our wide range of packaging supplies and pallet wrap can help your products arrive safely at their final destination. We offer effective corrosion and moisture protection with foil packaging for long and short term storage of delicate products.

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