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Wine + Food XP Pallets

Wine Export Pallets

Our wine export pallets have been developed in conjunction with major contract bottlers, specifically for the wine industry.

Designed in size and strength for all export bottle configurations, these have been kiln dried for greater moisture control.

We can produce these in high volumes for stock and economy of scale, and pallets are stackable 6 high.

Now in use at bottling sites:

  • McLaren Vale
  • Adelaide Hills
  • Barossa

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Food Export Pallets

We supply HACCP International Certified Hygiene pallets to the food and beverage industry. This means we produce a special range of Pal-giene™ certified food-safe pallets.

Learn more: HACCP Certification | Food Safety | CMTP

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Dimensions and weight

  • wineXP – 1130mm x 1130mm x 138mm
  • food xp – 1100mm x 1100mm x 138mm
  • Euro Pallets – 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm
  • Recommended Safe Working Load – 1200kg

Certifications and compliance

  • wineXP – Our wineXP process undergoes heat and fumigation for export compliance, and is chemical free.
  • foodXP – We are the only Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) International certified pallet supplier in Australia due to our proprietary Pal-giene™ manufacturing process. HACCP International is an accredited, global certification body that certifies and endorses equipment, materials and services sold to the regulated food industry.

Learn more: HACCP Certification | Food Safety | CMTP

Add Ons

Pallet Collars

Wooden pallet collars are a convenient and economical type of reusable packaging for various types of applications. A solution for businesses involved in:

  • Hardware products
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Warehouse storage and logistics
  • Commercials building and construction
  • Nurseries and retail

Highly durable pallet collars aim to increase storage space, improve warehouse safety and protect goods during transport.

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WineXP was designed in conjunction with the major wine bottlers in South Australia to be the most flexible and general use two way export pallet. Designed in size and weight rating for all major bottle and carton configurations, maximizing space in the container. The process of timber handling has the moisture content controlled minimizing carton, label and unsightly timber spoilage at the end destination.

Yes, they are.

Yes we can.

Our foodXP pallets go through a more rigorous process to ensure they’re up to food safety standards.

Yes, we are the only manufacturer of Pal-giene™ certified food-safe pallets.

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