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Corrosion Protection Packaging

Product Description

The combination of oxygen and moisture is the enemy of electrical and metal componentry and more. Long and short term storage of delicate products demands special corrosion prevention, moisture and rust protection in tough climatic conditions. This is particularly critical for manufacturers of:

  • Chemicals and explosives
  • Machinery, machine parts, and equipment
  • Hazardous waste products; and,
  • Pharmaceutical products.

Our corrosion and moisture-resistant foil packaging solutions are ideal for protecting fragile and sensitive goods, from all types of moisture damage in any climate for multiple industries.

Choose from heat shrinkable and heat-sealable foils and films, desiccants and rust inhibitors, such as rust preventative sprays and liquids. Whatever the size or shape of your product, we can manufacture a complete cover and vacuum seal it to totally protect against sea air, moisture water, water vapour, acids and corrosive matter.

Our anti-corrosion options are perfect to fit in any standard or custom crate or box.

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It depends on the situation. If the item is being stored outside, or in a hotter climate, it is recommended to have corrosion protection. Moisture build up can occur causing rust to metal and machinery, etc.

No. Chemicals and explosives, hazardous waste products, and pharmaceutical products should also receive the correct protection.

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