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Pallets Sydney

CMTP is a trusted supplier of high-quality pallets in Sydney and NSW. With nearly 50 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on offering all types of pallets and packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you need pallet racking in Sydney, durable plastic or wooden pallets for specialised transportation, or export-certified pallets to make the most of your storage space, CMTP have you covered!

Why choose CMTP as your Sydney pallet supplier

As one of the nation’s leading pallet suppliers, CMTP is committed to delivering top-notch products alongside exceptional customer service. Our professional team are well-versed in pallet solutions and we pride ourselves on our expertise in choosing the right storage and moving solutions for your specific job. We believe in delivering high-quality results for each of our clients in an efficient manner. Your satisfaction is always our top priority!

Need palettes in Sydney, fast? Give us a call! All of our NSW sites are equipped with semi- and fully-automated production capabilities meaning we can meet your deadline quickly without compromising on quality.

Our locations in NSW

CMTP extend their services across NSW, with strategically located sites in Sydney, Albury, Glendenning, and Hanwood.

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    Partner Alliances

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    The different types of pallets available in Sydney

    We offer a diverse range of pallets for sale in Sydney to meet your specific needs. Whether you require wooden pallets, crane pallets, cardboard pallets, or plastic pallets in Sydney or greater NSW, we have the perfect solution for you.

    Timber pallets Sydney

    We manufacture both standard size wooden pallets and custom pallets for long, awkward or oversized product shipping. These pallets are sustainably-sourced from Australian plantations and can be recycled to reduce your carbon footprint. Wooden pallets offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for transporting various types of cargo, ranging from lightweight items to heavy machinery. In addition, they’re a good option for pallet racking.

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    Plastic pallets Sydney

    CMTP is where to buy plastic pallets in Sydney. Our plastic pallets are highly durable yet lightweight. Easy to clean and long-lasting, these pallets are food-grade certified and hygienic, making them ideal for transporting fresh produce, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Plastic pallets are also resistant to moisture, mould and bacteria, so if you require cleanliness and sanitation, this would be your best choice.

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    Export pallets Sydney

    CMTP takes pride in offering export pallets that are ISPM-15 certified, ensuring that your goods are securely transported overseas while adhering to international regulations. This certification means that all our export wooden pallets have undergone a heat and fumigation process and are stamped with the export certified symbol.

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    Crane pallets Sydney

    Our crane pallets are specifically designed and engineered to withstand the stresses of being lifted and manoeuvred by cranes. These pallets are useful in industries where heavy or oversized goods need to be moved efficiently yet safely. Our crane pallets are reinforced with MGP12 Timber and 150mm Galvanised Bolts for ultimate load capacity.

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    Cardboard pallets Sydney

    Cardboard pallets are lightweight and recyclable, yet are strong enough to store and transport various products including medical, pharmaceutical and non-wet food supplies. Unlike wooden or plastic pallets, cardboard pallets don’t need to be heat treated or fumigated.

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    To further optimise your warehouse operations, CMTP also offers pallet jacks in Sydney to help move your pallets with ease. This is in addition to our pallet racking solutions and pallet removal services. To get a quote on any of our pallets or pallet services, use this online form.

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    Need food-grade pallets? CMTP is proud to be the only Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) International certified pallet supplier in Australia. We also proudly supply SPM-15 certified wood pallets for international freight.

    Why you need heat treatment over kiln-dried pallets for global export

    When contemplating pallets for your Sydney-based operations, it’s essential to understand the differences between heat-treated wood and kiln-dried timber for pallets.

    Heat treatment is a highly efficient process that rapidly sterilises wood within just a few hours, guaranteeing it is entirely pest-free and fully compliant with ISPM15 regulations for international wood packaging, including pallets. This method involves subjecting the wood to exceptionally high temperatures, ensuring the complete eradication of pests and other living organisms.

    And, unlike kiln drying, heat treatment preserves the wood’s inherent characteristics, which can make it a preferred choice for some Australian industries.

    Kiln-drying is often used by food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries where moisture may be a consideration, or if mould is of concern. As kiln-dried pallets are not export-compliant, they are predominantly used for domestic transportation and storage.

    Whether you’re engaged in global trade or focused solely on domestic usage in Sydney’s diverse environments, opting for heat-treated pallets is a prudent decision, as it complies with stringent international standards without compromising the wood’s natural attributes.

    Choose CMTP Sydney today

    If you’re looking to speak with an expert about your pallet needs in Sydney, it’s easy! Simply call us on 1300 531 536, or submit a form here.

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