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Pallets, Cartons & Export Crates Australia | CMTP

Your business’ results rely on the safe and efficient transportation and exporting of delicate goods. That said, you can’t take risks on your packaging supplier for your pallet, carton and crate needs!

Fresh produce, livestock and electronics can so easily lose its value when transported without an effective and secure solution. At CMTP we offer reliable transportation solutions from export crates to individual cardboard cartons.

If you’re after something to cater to more bulky goods, CMTP offers various solutions such as pallets, wooden crates, pens, bags or cardboard cartons that allow you to be confident that the products’ travel is safe and efficient.

Whether you’re after cardboard pallets for small or occasional quantities, or export crates for frequent or large volumes; whether you’re transporting fragile, live, fresh, bulky or just “regular” goods; you want a partner who has a proven history in delivering a consistently capable, flexible and reliable service.

Protection, Innovation, Action

A commitment backed by over 40 years of experience and customer satisfaction, CMTP delivers effective and efficient packaging and packing solutions to many Australian businesses for the most demanding situations. We thrive off challenging specifications and tight deadlines.

With a product range that spans from custom-manufactured wooden crates to cardboard pallets, and even to bulker bags, we have the ability to deliver the right transportation solution for a diverse range of industries.


If total product protection is important to you, for export or domestic use, CMTP has the right solution, from timber and export pallets, wooden crates, produce bins, livestock and export crates, cardboard cartons, cardboard pallets, flute board containers and sundry packaging, through to fully customised solutions.

Like many CMTP customers, you may be exporting around the world. With full ISPM compliance and years of experience in export pallets, export crates and a range of exporting solutions, CMTP can advise and provide the best solution for your requirements, whatever your product is.


Thinking outside the box is more than a catch phrase at CMTP – it is a consistent mindset, a complete philosophy. Even if standard packaging solutions do the job most of the time for you, we recommend a regular review. We provide a better way of doing it, advice on packaging for special projects and a new opportunity to improve quality and overall profitability without compromise. Packaging innovation is a key part of CMTP’s approach to effectiveness in the operational context of its clients.

Achieving this higher level of efficiency and quality takes expertise, experience and the right human and technological resources. This is where CMTP can partner with you to ensure that your packaging solution is 100 per cent suited to your product, your operational challenges and business performance opportunities.As CMTP offers every type of transportation solution, from export pallets to cardboard pallets, cardboard cartons to livestock crates, export and wooden crates and more, even the most difficult and unusual challenges can be easily overcome.


Prompt Action guarantees that your special project and regular orders all receive the right attention at the right time.

The personalised attention all our customers receive gives them the confidence to plan their logistics precisely.

Timeliness is as critical as protection, be it for the quality and profitability of seasonal fresh produce, the wellbeing and value of livestock, or for any export shipment. That’s where we come in. “Just-in-time” delivery is a common requirement of CMTP’s manufacturing customers. With multiple specialised semi-automated and automated production facilities and diversely skilled resources, CMTP is well equipped to meet your delivery schedules. In fact, CMTP is very proud of its track record of “100 per cent Delivered In-Full, On-Time” supply chain performance anywhere around Australia.

When you have not got the necessary packaging resources, CMTP can step up and pack for you. We know packaging can be a complex, frustrating task when you have tight deadlines and are focused on keeping up with the growth of your business. Leave it to us. We will help you plan for success and take action when you can’t.

Why wait? Call CMTP today – the best in contract packaging – and find out how CMTP can support your business’ success.

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