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Pallets, Crates, Cases & More 

A variety of pallets for your industry’s needs: CMTP has over 40 years of industry experience. Which therefore has given us the opportunity to provide packaging solutions to many Australian businesses. We thrive off challenging specifications and tight deadlines – it keeps us on our toes! 

CMTP has a product range that spans from custom-manufactured wooden crates to cardboard pallets – to bulk bags. As a result, gives us the ability to deliver the right transportation solution for a diverse range of industries.

Services We Provide Our Customers:


Cost-effective product protection begins with the right pallet. Our customers demand reliability, durability, the right strength from lightweight to heavy-duty. Manufacturers also need pallets suitable for large loads.

Many require wooden Australian pallets meeting all the challenges of export and full ISPM certification.

Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars are an Australian-built product used to store and transport goods. The purpose of Pallet Collars is to protect cargo from dust, damage, and deterioration which is often experienced in long-term storage or transport processes.

Individual collars that can be stacked on top of collars to increase storage space and collapsed when not in use.

Crates & Cases

CMTP create variations of wooden crates and cases. From standard sizes to custom crates that fit into the contours to various types of aircraft. 

We can also create specially designed wooden boxes for small and large scale machinery moves.

Produce Bins

CMTP supply quality timber bins and crates for perishable goods. This ensures good are protected and kept fresher for longer.
A sustainable alternative to cardboard or plastic, CMTP’s wooden produce bins are ideal to use as fruit bins, apple crates, potato, and onion bins, vegetable bins or potting mix bins.
CMTP mascot

Meet our mascot, T.P! 

The echidna is our symbol of total protection of fragile goods, comprising strength, and longevity. Our T.P is as Australian and down to earth as we are!

The team’s expertise, innovation, and fast action ensure we keep providing the best solutions for your packaging and logistics needs.

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CMTP provide packaging solutions to many Australian businesses. Get in touch to find out how we can help