Our Business Philosophy

Expertise, innovation and fast action ensure we keep providing the best solutions for your packaging and logistics needs.

CMTP commenced operations in September 1976 and provides “product protection and movability solutions” to manufacturers, fresh food producers and many other businesses. My desire as the Founder of this company is to have a business that provides stimulating, rewarding and career enhancing employment for all stakeholders. My enduring goal is to build a “Great Company”.

This will be achieved by training and engaging our employees to be the drivers of an organisation so they will be regarded as leaders in their industry and leaders in self-management.

I will ensure investment in training our employees to develop their skills and capabilities.

We will use the energy and intelligence available within and external to our business to develop processes and systems that enable maximum performance outcomes.

Positive leadership will be encouraged and rewarded.

Calculated business risk taking will be encouraged and supported when applied for the benefit of the company.

Safety will not be compromised.

As an organisation made up of diverse individuals it is essential we respect the various differences yet combine to achieve strong teamwork results. As individuals we may be strong, as a team we can be unbeatable.

Professional courtesy must be given both ways.

My challenge to you and to myself is to treat people as we ourselves want to be treated.

To our leaders I ask you to develop our people professionally in all respects. Customer service should also match this standard both for internal and external customers. Remember without
customers we have no reason to be here.

As employees you have the responsibility of using and operating our assets, in the form of machinery, equipment, buildings, computers and intellectual property. These assets provide all of us with our income and security. I expect you to care for, guard and respect these assets as if they were your own.

To achieve the success we all want it is essential that we all apply ourselves to “Do it right the first time!” I insist that the standard of neatness and cleanliness be maintained to an industry leading standard. This will include machinery, plant, buildings, offices, lunchrooms and site. Our accuracy of performance must also include all documentation both for internal and external use.

To stay ahead of our competition it is imperative that we develop innovative solutions to all processing, manufacturing, administrative and management functions performed within the
company. We need all of our people willing to recognise and apply themselves to this principle. In following my philosophies in business I also request that wherever possible and appropriate to ensure you “Enjoy Life”.

Managing Director