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Lightweight & Heavy Duty Timber & Plastic Pallets – Take a Look at Our Range of Superior Pallets

Pallets For All Your Shipping and Storage Requirements

Several transport and storage industries use pallets as the most cost-effective way of handling, transporting and storing materials.

At CMTP, we aim to provide the best pallet range, which makes assembling, transportation, loading and unloading of goods an easy task.

With 30 years of experience, CMTP has extensive expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing a range of timber and plastic pallets for many industry applications.

Our team of experienced industry professionals has excellent knowledge of the export industry and can therefore deliver a customised product that accommodates your specific requirements.

High Quality Packing and Packaging

Our durable range of products is designed to provide safe and efficient usage throughout challenging and diverse storage, handling and distribution situations. It also can be maintained and refitted easily.

Browse our product categories to find the most comprehensive collection of wooden and timber pallets ideal for transportation, warehouse storage, container shipping and other packing and packaging demands.

Our semi-automated and automated production capabilities enable us to produce large volumes in various configurations and in shorter lead time ensuring your processes run efficiently.

Pallets Designed To Your Specifications

If required CMTP can provide NATA accredited load testing certificates, ensuring the pallets you use are safe and fit for purpose.

If you are unsure about the right pallet for your requirements one of our representatives can visit your site and specify or design a solution to suit your situations and specifications.

CMTP are also able to barcode or RFID tag pallets, by using electronic technology your warehouse tracking and management will be better and easier. For more information contact a representative.

Customise Your Timber or Plastic Pallets

With any purchase you can custom brand with your company name or logo, as well as your phone number, giving your product extra branding in the marketplace.

Some customers also choose to have their pallets painted in a company colour, making them distinct and instantly recognisable.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery, Every Time

CMTP delivers to customers Australia-wide. Our ability to meet tight delivery schedules without compromising on quality has successfully made us a reliable partner of numerous reputable industries in various sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, fresh produce, export and livestock across the country.

Over time, our delivery system has helped many diverse industries to enhance their profitability and improve their supply chain management.

Your Pallet Pool, Made Easy

Once delivered we can provide added value with a fully managed service for your pallet pool. This is a complete end-to-end option covering everything from supply, through to sort and repair, as well as disposal of damaged or unwanted pallets.

If you are in the food industry, where hygiene is an important factor, CMTP can provide a full washing service as part of your pallet maintenance.

For customers of CMTP we also offer a waste removal service. Perfect for all your waste timber or pallets, and at a fraction of the cost of sending them to landfill. The material will be fully recycled, which is far better for the environment.

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For more information, read the CMTP Pallet Fact Sheet, or contact us today on 1300 531 536.