Domestic & International Transport Packaging Services

In addition to offering every type of packaging product, from cardboard pallets to export crates and fruit bins, CMTP can provide a range of services to ensure the best transportation of your goods.

services2Our core services include contract packaging, design and engineering, manufacturing, and storage and distribution management.

Contract packaging

If you lack the time or staff resources, are facing tight deadlines, or want to ensure that you meet particular shipping standards, we have experienced teams who can provide contract packaging on-site.

These teams can even design and provide purpose-built wooden crates, cardboard pallets and more to suit virtually any situation.

Design and Engineering

With extensive experience in packing, storing and shipping products, our teams can provide you with custom packaging solutions, from export crates to fruit bins, that protect your products and optimise your transportation processes.

Custom products can be developed from virtually any material, from polyethylene and polyurethane foams, to steel, to flute board, heavy-duty cardboard and more.


Operating six facilities across Australia means that we can provide you export-packaging-solution2with anything from large volumes of standard wooden crates through to small volumes of custom pallets for specific uses.

Our “Just-In-Time” delivery system means that you can get what you need, when you need it, wherever you are and whatever your requirements.

Semi-automated and fully automated production capabilities allow us to balance quality and customisation, which means that you always get the best solution for your situation.

Storage and distribution

Make better use of your storage space by using more efficient packaging Cardboard-Cartons-10-1services. Export crates, standard wooden crates, cardboard pallets and boxes all take up a lot of space – space which could be better used to generate revenue.

ver the years our delivery and manufacturing systems have helped many clients improve their profit contribution. We can help businesses in any industry, from automotive to fresh produce, manufacturing and export, to improve their supply chain management.

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