Plastic Pallets: Innovative, Tough & Suited for Diverse Storage Requirements

Plastic pallets are a great alternative to wooden pallets. They are lightweight, durable and hygienic. If you’re looking to reduce the overall weight of your shipment, maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards (GMP & HACCP), simplify your logistic process and focus on your business, then CMTP’s plastic pallets is the best choice for you.

Suited for Diverse Storage Requirements

Our range of plastic pallets are available in both new and used options, as well as in many sizes and types. Other features include: 

  • Pallet rackable
  • Hygienic
  • Various sizes and weight ratings
  • Easily washable
  • Termite proof

Differing Applications and Benefits for your Business

Available in various types, including nestable, stackable and rackable, CMTP’s plastic pallets can be used for many applications. Manufactured to the highest standards and boasting a strong construction, our plastic pallet range can withstand any challenging storage, handling and distribution situations.

Unlike plastic pallets, timber pallets are fitted with nails and splinters, which can cause product damage. Our range ensures lower risk of product damage, cross contamination and provides 10 times more life span, making it the most clean and hygienic choice for your shipment.

Discover more about the pros and cons of using plastic pallets compared to timber pallets.

High Quality Service with Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

CMTP’s production capabilities enables us to manufacture large quantity at shorter lead times for numerous industries in various sectors throughout Australia. Our improved delivery system helps us to meet tight delivery schedules without compromising on quality.

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