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New Kiln For ISPM-15 Heat Treatment Of Pallets

The CMTP Branxholm site in Tasmania has recently commissioned a new LPG heated kiln to both kiln dry and heat treat timber and manufactured products. The high efficiency Mahild kiln has 600kw of heating capacity and is very simular in design to the kiln at the Colac site. Up to 60 cubic meters of timber or 550 pallets can be processed per batch, this provides the site with the ability to value add and provide a range of timber products not previously possible. The computer controlled kiln will run up to 90 degrees and will perform high quality drying batches, it has in chamber moisture measuring system and core temperature heat probes to ensure the exact end point is reached. The site has also recently achieved 3rd party certification to produce ISPM 15 certified products for manufacturing and heat treatment.

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