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Efficient Packaging Management Delivers Real Savings

Packaging your products can take up excess warehouse space and tie up labour, which could be better utilised to generate revenue for your business.

Plastic pallets, cardboard cartons, wooden crates, boxes and other types of packaging can take up a lot of space, even if they are delivered in flat pack kits. Many manufacturing businesses prefer to access their packaging as they need it to serve their customers, as long as they are confident that it will be stored safely and delivered on time.

With CMTP’s efficient packaging management system you receive:

  • On-site measuring and design services;
  • Fully-equipped team to complete the packaging process;
  • Purpose-built pallets and crates to suit each situation or use; and
  • Dunnage and protective packaging components.

Storage can also be arranged on a casual basis and is matched with full logistics operations at any one of our locations nationwide. Solving your packaging storage problems is an integral part of working with you to deliver a solution that best fits your business.

Our specialist teams have been trained to provide an effective service alongside your own operations, to meet the required standards, comply with all OH&S rules and regulations, and respect that they are working in someone else’s workplace.

For more information, read our Packaging Management System Fact Sheet, or contact us today on 1300 531 536.

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