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Machinery relocations in the Formula 1 fast lane

CMTP is much more than one of Australia’s leading machinery packing and relocation specialists. The team at CMTP was recently entrusted with the responsibility of packing and transporting a particularly precious piece of machinery: a Renault Formula 1 Display Car.

The Renault F1 epitomises the pinnacle of Renault Sports through racing in the F1 circuit since 1977. This precious piece of cargo acts as Renault’s communication tool in Australia and signifies the Renault way of bringing Formula 1 to the masses.

CMTP aren’t ones to shy away from a challenge, particularly when we’re the Australian experts of complete packaging solutions for the automotive industry. This particular machinery relocation service required CMTP’s utmost professionalism and patience due to the precious nature of the cargo. Strictly defined operational handling processes and procedures were required to ensure the machinery packing and transportation went according to plan and arrived at its destination in one piece.

Some of the more stringent handling requirements included:

  • Force can only be applied on the tyres, rear wing and the area on top of the air inlet to push the F1 Car.
  • When steering the Formula 1 car, rest the other hand on the side, away from the cabin.
  • When pushing the car into the container, lift the front via the wheels.
  • Use protective layer between wheels and container walls.
  • When lashing, make sure that the rope NEVER rests on the rubber tyre. Resting on the rim is acceptable.
  • Use stretch wrap on the tyres at all times during storage and transportation of the car.
  • Ensure the car is covered at all times except on display.

Some of the materials CMTP used for this specialist machinery relocation project included rubber tyre liners, tie down straps and load binders, and a foam lined timber case. Furthermore, the team at CMTP were also required to build a ramp to push the car in without touching the transport crate.

CMTP love nothing more than undertaking specialist machinery packing and relocation services, such as the transportation of the Renault Formula 1 Display Car, as it truly is a test of the professionalism and processes CMTP is known for. The team would like to take this opportunity to thank Renault, who have utilised these transport packaging services before and were more than pleased with the service, support and knowledge CMTP provide.

If you have a similarly unique piece of machinery that requires transporting, entrust the machinery relocations specialists at CMTP with your next move.

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