Export Pallets

ISPM-15 Certified Export Pallets 

At CMTP we are proud to offer a range of quality export pallets for your international freight requirements. We assure the highest levels of quality control as well as safe, effective export shipping, so that you always get the results you want.

Our export pallets are:

  • Heat-treated or fumigated free of bug and insect infestations
  • Compliant with all ISPM-15 export regulations and standards for your peace of mind
  • Made in strict adherence to the International Standard For Fumigation developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) – an international agreement on plant health with 172 country signatories
  • Individually stamped with export certified symbol

Here at CMPT, we supply a range of export pallets:

  • Lightweight Export Pallets – for loads of up to 500kg
  • Medium Export Duty Pallets – for loads of up to 1500kg
  • Heavy Export Duty Pallets – for loads of up to 2000kg
  • Double Export Width Pallets – for exporting in shipping containers

Learn more about the benefits of wooden export pallets and how they’re the sustainable choice of pallet.  

We supply pallets Australia wide, and have stores across various locations including Melbourne, Albury, Geelong, Adelaide, Sydney and more. For a full list of our stores’ location or to get in touch, visit here

Expert Manufacturing

Our manufacturers are skilled craftsmen who pride themselves on their wide industry-knowledge and ability to make strong, durable products each and every time. Using the most appropriate materials and the latest techniques in quality pallet manufacturing, you can relax knowing your export pallets will stand the test of time, getting the job done.

Quality You Can Afford

We don’t believe in making things hard for you. Our export pallets are competitively priced, giving you value for money and the assurance that you’re being looked after by innovative leaders in the business.

Don’t delay! Contact us today on 1300 531 536 to book your pallets or to speak to us about your needs. We will be happy to give specific recommendations or advice on any project.

View our Export Pallets Fact Sheet here: